29​:​29 Split Vision

by Subhumans

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released May 1, 1986




Subhumans Bath, UK


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Track Name: Somebody's Mother
She sits there drinking
What does the fiction represent?
The TV scandal
Can make her break out in a sweat
She watches it to make her feel part
Of something she never was
She sings a song
That her father whistled while he worked

It helps her relax
A mild depressant keeps her down
And she weeps smiling
The radio bleeds that happy sound
The music nullifies her fears
With words to that effect
She's happy now, she thinks
That really nothing could go wrong

All this waiting all for nothing
Routine living - Rooms to live in
Routine living - Merely wasting away

This life she's living
Is an extension of our guilt
The four-walled conscience
Imposed by those who never felt
The pain the tedious drudgery
Boredom (relax!) - It s lonely
And it s not right
That this way of life should go on
Track Name: Think For Yourself
A combination of work and rest
Keeps your head in a total mess
Just like we're all supposed to be
A part of this sick society
Where they give you a rest three weeks a year
To fill yourself with drugs and beer
The rest of the time it's time for work
The junky turns into a jerk

The government don't really give a toss
Unemployment isn't such a loss
Keep the dole paroles on the poverty line
Or stick em in the army to kill the time
The majority of people are treated like shit
Only the minority realise it
Conformist doctrine, ethical lies
Have you ever seen anyone slowly die?

There's so much crap you can reject
By giving yourself some self-respect
Don't believe what you're told is true
Find out for yourself cos there's only you
Take to pieces your inbred thoughts
Examine the morals you've been taught
Don't believe it, it's all a con -
Everything you think is wrong!

Don't believe it!
But don't take my word for it
Track Name: Walls of Silence
Sick of all these dumb solutions
Why not tell me something new?
I've been hearing so much bullshit
It's impossible to tell the truth
How can they preach all their morals
When they're worse than we'll ever be?
We're a useless threat to their walls of silence
But there's no solution to convince me

You can scream-shout-fight the system
But it won't fight back...
Safe behind their walls of silence

The system stinks and we all know it
But the mass protesters get nowhere
A wall of arms against a wall of silence
They just pretend that we're not there
And there's nothing we can do about it
Fighting each other all day long
Divide ourselves by petty ritual
Then we wonder what went wrong
Track Name: Heroes
Here comes the hero
At temperature zero
Warming his hands on the crowd
He says "now that I've changed
I'm exactly the same"
But nobody hears cos the cheering's too loud

Hypocrisy on a massive scale
It's all a show
But now we know
All they want is your money

Hero lost his conscience, yes
But now he's getting serious
"Forget the system, let's have fun"
Hero! Take the money and run!

The heroes are forgotten now
Floundered on their reputation
The old elite came off the street
And wound up as an institution

The next generation won't produce
The heroes and the fashion freaks
There's nothing new in what we do
Just commitment and beliefs
Track Name: Dehumanisation
They take away your name
It's the dead man game

And we all like living this modern life
Television, radio, disco fights
Get a steady job - you were born to work
Well I can't be bothered, I'm too much of a jerk

As you're living on the dole
Or a working class hero
Because you've got a job

And we all like working for an upper class runt
If you're feeling downtrodden you can join the Front
National heritage to keep you in line
Abuse your intelligence, mess up your mind

Personality fix
Conformed to the eyeballs
With state politics

And they tell you you're brilliant to keep you quiet
'Only the idiots know how to riot'
Make sure it's not safe to walk the streets
You wanna stay alive you'd better join the police

We ain't got a name
But we still got emotions
Now the city's in flames
Track Name: Worlds Apart
Ignorance and innocence go together
Peace and harmony flowers and trees
Your peace of mind only comes in pints
There are other worlds apart from these

A world where war and poverty
Exist as a reality

Back in the public factory
So cliched and disorderly
They wash down fears with crocodile beers
False illusion and big man jeers:

"Well I didn't know about Afghanistan
Cos I'm a home loving working man
And I'd know I'd resist if I had to fight
I know I'd resist - exist - resist - with a fist"

Violence, no! That is no answer
Two wrongs don't make a right
But a thousand wrongs make the human race
Conditioned so they fight

Hence the reason hence the shouting
From the start it seemed so real
Anti-war and bombs and fighting
Telling someone what we feel

A world of strength and clarity
The alternative reality
But creating a new lifestyle
Could never come to much
Everyone had the ideas
But no-one had the guts

Then they dropped their goddamn bomb
Just like we'd predicted
Just like we wrote the songs about
Just like the words we'd stand and shout

We don't know half
Of anything real
We don't even know
How we should feel
When questioned or cornered
We back off and squeal

So where is this solution?
This evasive dream conclusion?
Where's the end to this pollution?
Or is peace just an illusion?
After all we're only human

("We're only human" is our excuse to say
We're not in control over our actions
Preferring to blame some "natural
Process" for our own self-indulgence
and personal gain)

You can point your finger
And redirect the blame
But just as you're blaming someone else
They doing just the same

So think before you drink your life away
Think about what you may have to say
React! - convincingly -
To that with which you disagree
Track Name: New Boy
In the lounge of class distinction
Rank and number neatly sprawled
In the luxury of income
Sat the new boy feeling cold

Sat there thinking "Where's the toilet?"
Dropped his cigarettes and coughed
Waiting for a chance to pick them up -
That's when the lights went off

Sat there thinking it was funny
Fears subsiding with the lighting
"Turned the lights on" someone shouted
Found himself alone and smiling

Shattered by his own deception
He looked round for helpful clues
Men in suits and glaring glasses
Calmly watched him look confused

Carpet silence stifled whispers
When did something mean so much?
Just the emptiness of silence
Just the feeling, not the touch

Nervous words of introduction
To the instant silent stares
Felt as if he wasn't wanted
And finally he wasn't there

Then he wished that he was back
To somehow make the silence crack
Concluded, like we all have done
Some people make you feel no-one
Track Name: Time Flies...
Can you hear the sound of people laughing
Because they think they know it all?
Where they've been and where they're going
As if they themselves had written on the wall

The assuredness that power and money give them
Their fate decided by their parents' cash
The crank that gives them temporary laughter
By saying "Time flies but aeroplanes crash"

They can laugh off anything they can't relate to
Until the day before the day they die
When suddenly they long for past existence
And claim the right to forever stay alive
But all things in the present are outdated
And everything must someday fade away
Our actions are all transient and fated
And tomorrow isn't just another day

Can you hear the sound of people crying
Because once they thought they knew it all?
And now their self-assurances are dying
As time erodes the writing on the wall

Don't take everything for granted
Exist as if the moment was your last
Don't wait complacently for your future
Don't live in memories of things gone past
Live in awareness of the fact you're alive
Enjoy it while you got it as the time goes by