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Crisis Point

by Subhumans

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    The first Subhumans album for over a decade and their first on Pirates Press Records,10 songs showing the band have lost none of their drive power or attitude!

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    The first Subhumans album for over a decade and their first on Pirates Press Records, 10 songs showing the band have lost none of their drive power or attitude! LP also includes a large subhumans 3-bar logo stencil[!]

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a history of protest used to mark you down as someone witrh a conscience and a brain credit due for what was done but that was then unannounced the boundaries have changed for living counter-culture as peaceful as you like for gathering on corners especially at night for relatives in places on the list that got supplied arrested without warning and still no trial in sight CH: everyone's a terrorist in waiting one by one we all get redefined everyone's a terroist in waiting our innocence is just a state of mind when the anger vent has no real intent and words can travel far you can't say 'bomb the bastards' [unless we already are] and if in overexcitement you suggest we smash the state they'll pull you in for questioning and look closely at your mates CH demonstration, hesitation what's the legal situation? broke the law doing no more than something that you did before its national security its protection for the free but who's secure and above the law? it isn't you or me CH
There goes the conspiracy factor Now it's yesterday's news The facts are out no room for doubt No longer a minority view You can't blame ignorance anymore Unless it's what you chose The walls are covered in writing And the emperors lost his clothes Ch: is it conspiracy Or is it true? Is it conspiracy Or is it you? If knowledge is power then where's the revolution? Balancing facts to avoid confusion Screenshot theories gathering dust Instant proofs and no more trust Fake news false flags disinformation This is how the structure holds Everything has a contradiction Til nobody knows if what they're being told Is true Ch Sow confusion Laced with fear Stop the people getting anywhere near Coordination, realisation That everything's lost to hesitation Go with your brain go with your heart go with your guts Cos fear and confusion will have us all fucked Ch
see the diamond its forever disconnected from the horrors of child labour so intensive mining undermining our perception of expensive shiny lies to pacify the apprehensive CH: disinformation- what do we know? it's propaganda- telling us what they think they need to coffee romance in the adverts love drug revival far away the migrants sweat for their survival here's the latest cola burger infatuation fed on chemistry and death - deforestation CH: +telling us what they think we need to know here's the product here's the facts they rarely interact check the deadline on the back best before you think about it propaganda met the rumour theres more than meets the eye confusing the consumer get the facts before you buy CH
your television is a bomb its another world war when you turn it on press the button to forget its a mini explosion chemistry set we're drowning in a box of noise in the attempt to find some peace we overdose on input + we all forget to breathe CH victims of the atom screen war -don't forget to breathe the television is your friend the chemical heads met the media men everybody makes a bomb hyno-tick the box saying free will gone well i don't know about you but i know when atoms crash It creates a slight reaction In the nearest stable mass CH I can stare for half an hour at you and feel completely wired But half an hour of anything on telly and I’m tired Which, in the case of tv signals and whatever’s in computers Is the watching semi-human being slow but surely neutered CH
Now is the deadline and always will be under the breadline in the land of the free no time to plan its a planet gone mad running on empty illusions of good and bad CH: follow the leader do as you're told how much can you be controlled? learn by example of people with guns shooting their mouth off for the freedoms they've won armed to the playground or bombing for peace what kind of human is this inhumanity? CH tempers and temperatures rising in hand with a new understanding of how its all planned bang up to date with the rate of exchange the shorter the soundbite the longer the chains CH now is the deadline to wake up inside bring back that feeling of nothing to hide and nothing to hide from its totally free and everything thing else is control by degrees CH could you be would you be out of control?
Strange Land 02:07
washed up on the beaches what history teaches we hold out a hand when the refugee reaches at least it's supposed to be that way welcoming faces we found you a place it's out on the street if you can't get the wages or if you look a certain way strange land upon your arriving be aware of the thriving bigoted right wing culture of fighting another world war on autoplay this civilised nation is based on frustration your lack of possessions reflects our obsession with getting more and more, not giving it away strange land so youre welcome in theory but in numbers not really unless you got plenty of disposable money those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it those who divide the world would have you believe it's better to blame the dispossessed better watch out or you'll be next
99% 02:21
I talk to the wind and sing in the rain tell-tale signs of going insane well tell me then how the world makes sense if everything's owned by the one percent money talks too loud it screams addiction to these plastic dreams what we own is easy shared but the 1% want to make it all theirs CH we're the 99% our lives are not for you to spend we're the 99% and we resent this exploitation its what you got not what you gain that makes the situation change strength in numbers open minds til we've left the 1% behind there's more to life than war and greed imagine what the world could be without financial slavery and 99% agree CH
Punk Machine 02:29
now we got it all planned gonna make it as a band got a mate who knows a man who can give us a helping hand - with his punk machine he said if you wanna make it you better learn to fake it how far can you take it before they start to notice? -it's a punk machine CH: it doesnt work like we were told it doesnt work its just control it doesnt work cos its got no soul it doesn't work - at all money talks if people scream entertainment fuels the dream heres a cheque for more icecream leave all the paperwork to me -it's a punk machine we'll set the trend get a load of brand new friends fame and fortune round the bend or a debt that never ends - it's a punk machine
Poison 02:40
the sea is full of plastic bags are full of ready meals are full of slaughtered animals who never saw a field saturate with chemicals to streamline the supply im not sure what you're eating but at least it fills you up right? CH: poison- the air is full of poison the food is full of poison poison- the water's full of poison your brain is full of poison the road to breathing normally is full of toxic air commuters on computers staying sick and unaware of the daily breathing in and out of pesticide and waste geoengineering us to keep us in our place CH our food is full of poison but its cheaper that way our measure of survival is the price we pay thats why the rich live longer its not because they're stronger its cos they keep the rest of us on minimum wage CH when the earth dries up and the food runs out all the money in the world won't help you out cancer dementia poverty prevention clean up your act avoid extinction
The world is getting smaller the pressure is sublime some people want the way we think to be monopolised purveyors of convenience a thousand talking heads would much prefer the customers whose brains are empty empty brains don’t complain are easy trained who controls the mindset controls the status quo the pillars of society are built on our say so if we refuse to play along they lose the thought control imagination overrides the will to keep the people nice and quiet and compliant non defiant they can put a line through sentences sentence those who write delete the onscreen versions of opinions they don't like contain the contradictions that open people’s minds illegalise the actions that follow close behind they can put chains on your body persecute your soul ridicule your attitude but never get control of instinct intuition individuality you can put a price on anything but thought is free


The first new record from Lucas and his Subhumans in a while (Twelve Years?) and with the current global situation its not like Lucas has had writers block or lacking the inspiration. Everywhere you look there’s a meltdown – climate change, government leaders lying, despots taking over, smiling, lying and cheating yet it seems OK to the public. Nobody loses their jobs its all fair game. Summed up nicely on ‘Fear & Confusion’. A more polished sounding record that their last outing ‘Internal Riot’ but it every bit as sharp and relevant.

To be fair Subhumans have always released intelligent records their Anarcho leanings have always been dressed really well in big riffs, tight time changes and some sharp as fuck punk rock. ‘Crisis Point’ seems apt as Lucas starts the war cry with the flurry of opening punches on ‘Terrorist In Waiting’ great lyrics (as usual) thunderous drumming and riffs raining down on the listener with an energy and excitement that sets the album up really well.

throughout the albums eleven tracks the ebb and flow is excellent. I love the attitude on ‘Atom Screen War’ emanating from the riff as it pounds away but it’s nicely pinned by the bass thats rumbling away underneath. To be fair the sound is reminiscent of the last few UK Subs albums. ‘Follow The Leader’ takes that edginess up a notch as the album has warmed up and is really taking flight. Strange land has the feel and sound the band had back in the ’80s with that flange riff and repetitive beat its a really good tune and one that shows how bloody good a band Subhumans are.

Its no good looking for a weakness because there isn’t one. Its a really consistent album its focused and as you’d imagine thought provoking with excellent lyrics and a great production. ‘Crisis Point’ is ticking all the boxes whats not to like? If you want fast no nonsense heads down punk rock then Subhumans do that ‘Poison’ if you want intricate musicianship Subhumans can do that for you, if you want lyrics that are well constructed and thought provoking to prick your conscience subhumans can do that. They were a big part of that early ’80s punk explosion and are still going strong along with the Subs, they always turned in better records than Crass and Conflict in my humble opinion and this record is proof that they are as relevant now as they always were. ‘Crisis Point’ can cover all your modern punk rock needs as well as you old school punks wondering if Dick has still got it. Of course he has. My advice is get hold of ‘Crisis Point’ now and get on board its never too late. Buy it!
Dom Daley, RPM Online


released September 13, 2019

Dick - voice and words
Bruce - guitar and voice
Phil - bass and voice
Trotsky - drums
recorded and mixed by Steve Evans []
at Nam Studios, Holt and E.A.M Studios, Trowbridge April/May 2019




Subhumans Bath, UK


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