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by Subhumans

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szczur thumbnail
szczur I'm young, so there is no sentimental value to these I hold. But hey, it's Subhumans with their classic songs. The very golden age of punk rock on display for you (and me) to consume and enjoy. Favorite track: Who's Gonna Fight in the Third World War?.
richmcglashan thumbnail
richmcglashan Religious Wars was the first tune I heard from Subhumans, when I bought the e.p in 1982, it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, in fact it still does, not many tunes do that these days, I immediately painted Subhumans down the sleeve of my leather Jacket after buying the e.p
t0rqreturn2019 thumbnail
t0rqreturn2019 Great stuff, I had only heard a few comp trax back in the day, so it's good to catch up with old hardcore even at the ripe age of 51. These lads were a cut above the standard punk/hc.
simon french
simon french thumbnail
simon french Love this band and love that all the EPs are on one biscuit sized disc
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Parasites 02:37
The government are real good to us They crowd in their shelters and let us die The nuclear holocaust won't last long White turns to black in the sky [Chorus] You build your demolition war What the hell are you fighting for? You keep your peace with the starving countries The Cambodians have to be fed But can't you see we've got our problems? You're taxing us to buy tons of lead [Chorus] Labour can take the businesses over Because they've got the workers' rights A choice of three for democracy And they're all parasites [Chorus] Parasites - taking over the country! Parasites - taking over your home! Parasites - taking over your mind!
Get away from the window The D.S. are outside The little packets in our pockets Stuff we gotta hide Sitting in a corner of a disco Mouth stuck in a bag It's hard to fake the high intake It turns your brain real bad Drugs of youth Crush a barb put it in a syringe Stick it in your arm Let the feeling crawl to your head It won't do you no harm Sniffing sulphate up my nose Doing it for a joke It makes the world spin so fast Things go better with coke
Animal 02:46
Ever since they put you away Things haven t been quite the same They cut off all your lovely hair And gave you a brand new brain Sent you to university 'Cos that was the next step up Studying sociology They gave you a plastic cup [chorus] What happened to you with your brand new brain? What will they do if they get you again? Animal! Coming to get you! Animal! Cos you went insane! Your new brain was working really well And they were satisfied They thought they'd done a miracle But you had something to hide They left a bit of your old brain Stuck inside your skull That bit screwed up your culture You became an animal [chorus] One night you were drinking In the student bar Two pints blew your animal mind Your brain just went too far The laughter turned to slaughter You took all you could get Now you sit alone in a disco Smoking cigarettes [chorus]
Society 01:43
Our society, what a drag Another nervous breakdown, another fag You can't get to sleep cos you lost your pills And the protein tablets make you ill [chorus] Our society, what a drag! Drive around in a smashed up car Sometimes you wonder who you are You look depressed as you walk upstairs Cos you lost your job and no one cares [chorus] See the policemen running round Driving culture underground They get paid to put you away Cos that's how the system works these days [chorus] Join the people on the dole They lost interest years ago What hope is there for you and me? If this is our society? [chorus]
The government talks about conscription Another self-imposed restriction Their excuse is no conviction Patriotism it's all fiction [chorus] There ain't no patriots no more Who's gonna fight in the third world war? Everyone knows it just ain't right Don't we get the chance to live or die? They give us hardship all our life And when we refuse they wonder why [chorus] Well I won't fight for my country Cos the government wouldn't fight for me They can't afford the dole money So they'll put the unemployed in the army [chorus]
Human Error 03:46
There's a bomb going off in Belfast There's a war in Vietnam There's a T.V. documentary To help you understand But the other channel is better Cos it doesn't tax your mind Relax in the ignorance of your home As man destroys mankind And the rest of the world has gone to sleep Because they couldn't care less The world is going, so am I It's such a bloody mess There's an arms race in America The race that no one wins If somebody pushed the button The accidental sin Meanwhile baby wonders "What's a nuclear war?" And mummy says "to tell the truth, I'm really not quite sure" And the rest of the world was ignorant Because they weren't told more The pamphlet said 'just stay at home Avoid the threat of war' The computer pressed the button The rain was full of lead And more bombs dropped on Belfast And Vietnam went dead The T.V. documentary Outlined the possible cause It was just a human error Because man invented war And the rest of the world has gone to hell Because they never cared more The children cried before they died So this is nuclear war
Big City 01:48
Here we are in the big big city Plenty of ways to spend your money Getting ripped off is a way of life Stick your money on a skinflickknife [chorus] No no no no it's too shitty I don't want to live in the big big city Tourist attractions look at that! Buy me a plastic policeman's hat But there's a riot uptown they're fighting back And the boys in blue are wearing black [chorus] Flying squad what a farce If pigs could fly they wouldn't need cars Got control over us all New Scotland Yard ,the new Berlin Wall [chorus] Give me a break don't tell me That life is great in the big city It's all based on money and greed Everything you'll never need [chorus]
Peroxide 01:50
Peroxide girl with a false ID Lost and lonely she can t see Peroxide hair and burnt out eyes Blinded by so many lies [Chorus] Peroxide! Peroxide! Because nobody cares What do you do? You dye your hair Her hair was just a boring mess She had never known success Saw the punks they didn't care Walked around with peroxide hair [Chorus] Now she s out of trouble cos her hair is white And the punks all think she's all right But she is blind her face is red Peroxide soaked into her head
What's your reason for existence? Do you believe in anything? Or does your lifestyle contradict The words you write for the songs you sing? Are you happy in your work As you protest about the unemployed You don t wanna work but you need the money The reality you can t avoid But do you wanna work for the money? Do you wanna work for the system? Are you happy as you vote To keep the parasites alive? You don t want to vote but you think you should They said it was right and you never asked why But do you wanna vote for your conscience? Do you want to vote for the system? Are you happy signing up In the army just to get some pay? Fighting a war without a cause Can you manage to ignore your self-decay? But do you wanna fight for your country? Do you wanna fight for the system? You're their reason for existence They use you to finance their state The words you shout with such conviction Is it the only way to express your hate?
Cancer 02:16
Smile - it's impossible I-I feel disposable You laugh - and it fucks me up Fag? - has he woken up? Words - lots of words Mindless - I ain't listening Life - is it such a drag You - don t you wanna fag? What s wrong? Do you feel OK? Drink? or shall we go away? Speak! Don t just sit there! Freak! You re going nowhere! C'mon! Don t you want a fag? You! Don t you want a fag? "NO...I got cancer"
Do you believe in the afterlife Termination with a rusty knife Religious wars no reason why What a glorious way to die [chorus] In the name of God they left you to die Religious wars there's no reason why They left you to die The ultimate excuse is here Die for a cause, religion is fear Fear of the threat of something unreal Abdicate the way you really feel [chorus] In the darkness of death There's no light in your eyes A cross in your grave Your time has arrived
Love Is... 02:43
Love is a bastard it tears you apart Just when you thought you didn't have a heart Couldn't give a fuck cause you didn't know how And suddenly everything brings you down Love is a bastard it fucks you up Make up break up totally messed up Lipstick stains and little white lies Can you see the blood running out of my eyes? Love is a bastard it makes you cry Do something wrong and you don't know why Can't remember what you said Lie on the floor and wish you were dead
I don't like the way I m living No-one gives me any choice You don't like the way I m singing But all I got is my fucking voice I can't get a word in edgeways Surrounded by so many lies They just treat us like subhumans We're the people they despise [Chorus:] I m telling you it s gonna get worse... Always rising unemployment Always debates on nuclear war Do you think that any government Gives a shit what we stand for? Sometimes you wonder what to do When you haven't got no cash Better start thinking what you'll do When your country turns to ash [Chorus] You can blame the fucking Tories Every government's the same They don't believe in the public good Just in their financial gain Then the bastards throw you out And take your furniture away Cos you can't afford the rent Unemployment doesn't pay
Working for money and the system too Thought the dole queue made you worthless Now you're slave to a public machine Getting somewhere...is this what they mean? Worthless....not enough money! [Chorus:] I'd rather work for money Than just for something to do But then why bother working at all? Do you want to stay totally normal? You wanted more and what did they say? You'll never sell yourself to anyone Come back and try in six months time Don't you know there's a social decline? Politics - don't it make you mad? [Chorus] You said you'd look for another job Well try it sonny you won't get far Do as you're told and stop complaining Being conned is part of the training Crash course - learning how to lose [chorus]
Evolution 01:54
Out in the garden there's a little white rabbit Like Revlon torture for your clean little habits As you wash your hair to keep it clean You get to wonder why Vosene's green And forget about the silent animal screams Out in the garden there's a little white dog Shampoo in your eyes like a burning fog But it's tried and tested so you won't go blind Animals killed for the good of mankind For your shining hair so many have died Out in the garden there's a little white cat And you're catching cancer as you smoke that fag "When will they find the cure?" you choke When enough cats have died of smoke? And they say that animals go for the throat And the monkeys in the zoo they look so tame In the name of science they removed their brains To think that man evolved from this beast Civilised savages down from the trees The animals who run these laboratories
[chorus] So much money where does it all come from? We're paying for democracy never mind the bomb So much money what does it do? It puts them in power where they shit on you You don't care about the social disease You got so much money you can do as you please Too many people voted for you Now you re telling us what to do Money is power and you re so rich You married for money to a classy bitch Use the cash to build up a regime The silent man behind the killing machine [Chorus] Political war is an easy game Using the people to support your aim State your idea of your ideal state And after they've voted it ll be too late And when the country's in a fucking mess They want to know the secret of your success You never used weapons you never used tools But money is power and people are fools
Germ 02:21
I am a germ under your skin I crawl through your veins and I work my way in I play with your health I destroy all there is I m the germ in your mouth when you give her a kiss [chorus] And tomorrow they'll put you away And the doctors all they will say Is- You're gonna die I am a germ under your skin Like a hypodermic needle pushed in I run in your blood and I screw up your brain I've got a disease just to send you insane [chorus] I am a germ under your skin And I got a feeling I m gonna win It s no use believing in the national health Cos when you are dead I'll destroy someone else [chorus]
Not Me 01:36
Who's gonna fight? Who thinks it's right? The threat of war is a passing phase Try telling that to a waiting grave They say the bunkers will be safe They're not big enough for the human race So who's gonna fight? Who's having fun? Gonna carry a gun? I got to fight I got no choice They'll never hear my fucking voice Deafened in the deathly noise Created by their brand new toys So who's gonna fight? Who's gonna die? I'll tell you why I won't do what ever they say Even if it means getting put away That's what I think - OK? You got to react - it's the only way So who's gonna fight? Who's gonna fight the system? You, me or fucking no-one?
Song No.35 01:17
Working class hero? No such thing Put on your Martens, you still can't sing No organised class, it's out of control Your mates are so young, you feel so old No new religion follow yourself Plastic fashions lined up on a shelf The shop has closed down it's a supermarket pose Wander back home and change all your clothes No price tag on the cost of shit Shit is free they got plenty of it Conveyor belt message to the ignorant youth This is free shit it's better than truth Don't quote German freaks at me It's all crap that's my philosophy Shit class structure fuck TV Looks like I gotta die if I wanna be free Pessimist! Nihilist! Optimist! You don't exist It's all in your dreams Can't you hear the screams?


released December 1, 1985

Dick voice/words
Bruce guitar/voice
Grant bass
Trotsky drums

tracks 1-6
Demolition War 7" EP
recorded Pickwick, Corsham 8/8/81
engineer Steve Collinson
released Dec 81
spiderleg SDL3/bluurg XEP1

tracks 7-10
Reason for Existence 7"EP
recorded Southern, London 31/1/82
engineer Pete Stennett
released April 82
spiderleg SDL5/bluurg XEP2

tracks 11-14
Religious Wars 7" EP
recorded Pickwick, Corsham 9/5/82
engineer Steve Collinson
released July 82
spiderleg SDL7/bluurg XEP3

tracks 15-19
Evolution 7" EP
recorded Southern, London 29/1/83
engineer John Loder
released May 83
bluurg Fish 2




Subhumans Bath, UK


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