Time Flies​.​.​.​But Aeroplanes Crash + Rats

by Subhumans

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Re-release of the original 12" and 7" EPs


released October 1, 1985

Time Flies...
Dick voice/words/piano on 'Susan'
Bruce guitar/voice
Grant bass
Trotsky drums
mostly recorded at Pickwick, Corsham, 2 days in Aug 83
except tracks 4,6 and 7 recorded live in Feltham 29/7/83
'Susan' lyrics by Steve Hamilton
engineer Steve Collinson
Bluurg Records Fish 5

Dick voice/words
Bruce guitar
Phil bass
Trotsky drums
recorded at Southern, London 24-26/7/84
engineer John Loder




Subhumans Bath, UK


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Track Name: Get Out Of My Way
I'm not a machine made of plastic parts
I got a brain but I ain't got a heart
Ain't got a name I been dead for years
But now I'm alive with my new ideas

Get out of my way I ll knock you down
My throat's on fire with a nihilistic sound
We've been too dumb for far too long
But now we're alive cos we know what's wrong

Resurrected from apathy
I saw the dark and it saw me
Now my mind is one destroy
When I explode I make a lot of noise


We're going forward into nothing at all
No politics no god no rule
There's something inside everyone of you
You've seen the lies now you know what to do

Track Name: First Aid
I need first aid can't you see?
I'm cut up bad you can't recognize me
Got a couple of bullets in my leg
And your morphine shit going through my head

Gimme first aid that's what you're for
Gimme a shot gotta make sure
Gimme first aid hold me down
Something's wrong I can't move around

Knock me out cold with your local anaesthetic
Gimme some pills so I can't even feel it
The doctor's using Zyklon-B
Gonna calm me down gonna send me to sleep


So gimme first aid that's what I need
I get all sick whenever I bleed
They caught me bleeding in the street
Kicked me around like some dead meat
Track Name: Word Factory
In the silence of a grave
In the words of someone's hero
A blue television screen
Words don't mean anything
In this word factory
Replacement parts are free
Pictures of failed ideas
Only took me 15 years

All your words can not describe
The attitudes that lie inside
Subculture killed at birth
Got bored and slowly died

In the silence of a graveyard
Someone's talking to himself
Oh! what a let down
Oh! what a boring let down!
Such a perfect face
Words are such a waste
let me paint a picture of you
And hang it in this empty place

Can I quote from your ideas
Hang your excuses on the wall
Devalued words
Blown up to mean sod all
oh! what a let down!
oh! what a boring let down!

Did you just say something?
I must have blown away
Got bored and slowly died
Forget what you have to say
Who wrote this anyway?
Track Name: People Are Scared
Nobody says anything on buses
And it's not the noise the engine makes
You can watch them all staring nervous
Sit at the back it's the safest place
People are scared to say hello
The flick of the fag the shifting eyes
Stare in amusement then look away
The conscious battle of who to despise
Self-restriction and self paranoia
Self-belief and the silent laugh
The inner conflict between one another
When you're all the same it seems so daft

Nobody says anything on buses
And that's why people kill themselves
Desperation against the world
Can't find a way to express themselves
Society breeds hate and derision
But society is only a mass of people
Striving to be god at the expense of others
Striving to be better than their next door neighbour

People are scared underneath their silence
People are getting more afraid
They turn to their leaders for help and guidance
And then the system wins again
And will carry on winning till god knows when
Till people start to talk to each other
Everyone just like a brother
Till the morals and fear that divides us all
Is no longer the excuse for the system's rule
Track Name: Susan
Susan finished school at 16
Wants to be a secretary
2 years later she's got nowhere
Ends up in a factory
Making matches it's so boring
She gets sad and so depressed
Hears her doctor smugly tell her
"Take these pills and get some rest"

But she takes it one step further
Parents rescue her in time
Smile and tell her "When you're married
Everything will be just fine"
She recovers and gets married
Further shuts the closing door
Though he says "I really love you"
She feels worse off than before

9 months later she's a mother
It's a bouncing baby boy
"Oh how super!" say her parents
But for her there is no joy
Words like mummy don't mean nothing
It's all she hears from 9 to 5
All alone at number 19
Every single day she dies

19 years of hollow cliche
Now she wants to end it all
Bored to death from doing nothing
Family drives her up the wall
Swinging Susan hanged herself
She couldn't live her pointless life
He comes home to see through tears
The rigid corpse that was his wife

The life and times of Susan Strange
Ended in that tragic way
With the money from insurance
The family went on holiday
Nothing left but rotting flowers
On an unattended grave
The epitaph has faded badly
No one reads it anyway
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Die
It's getting out of hand, they don't understand
They never ever will, they never ever can
Don't wanna live if I can't be free
The system kills but it won't kill me

I don't wanna die

Can't run away, come back someday
Cos it won't change whatever you say
Fear and guilt up to the hilt
They can't escape from the walls they've built

I don't wanna die

They gave me a gun and told me to run
"Defend your country from the atom bomb"
I said "Why?" They couldn't reply
The system kills but I don't wanna die

I don't wanna die
Track Name: Everyday Life
Everyday life, everyday life
Something somewhere, just ain't right

It's half past eight and I'm here again
I'd go for a walk but it's pissing down with rain
And if I went for a walk I'd get my head kicked in
Cos looking like a punk is some fucking sin

All this boredom, all this drink
All the times I've tried to think
So I jump on a bus and go somewhere else
And I sit in a pub and I talk to myself

So sod the apathy, sod the ideas
I'm only restricted by my fears
Give me a chance and I'll tell you what's wrong
Or give me a pen and I'll write another song
Track Name: Work-Rest-Play-Die
When the people of the country have forgotten how to disagree
And the national economy is said to be OK
And the wages that you get will help you to forget
Will you keep your ideologies or throw them all away?

When the system has you beaten even now you haven't eaten
Cos you can't afford to eat or drink to keep your brain alive
You blame the system for the weather but carry on as ever
You go to work at half past eight and come back home at five

You can go blue in the face talking about the human race
How they got to outer space but it never stopped the wars
And how the whole of this humanity is based on greed and vanity
The ones who make decisions are the ones who make the laws

But you're still in this society so what's your main priority
Remain in the majority who never really cared?
Or cultivate the hate to annihilate the state
Are you prepared to die for your beliefs or just to dye your hair?

The anarchist, the nihilist but can you prove that you exist
To a population who insist you're just a bunch of fakes
You cannot change the system until you change your own restrictions
Communication and conviction - got to kick until it breaks
Track Name: Joe Public
Joe Public in an overcoat
A smile on his face and his fingers down your throat
Making you stick with his victory salute
Vs up for England or does he mean fuck you!?

If looks could kill he'd stare you into the ground
The flatulence of greed keeps his money going round
The smell of indigestion he's got cancer on his breath
Before he takes his mind away he'll take your self respect

Idiots and cowards don't vote or fight
Say your parents and the papers so they must be right
The leaders of the country don't do one or the other
They're too busy fighting against one another

Hey Joe! where you going with that census in your hand?
To make us feel important?
I don't think you understand!
You represent a public whose views are out of date
The generation gap caused by the crap you generate
Track Name: Labels
Call me punk cos I wear a leather jacket
Call me a hippie cos I believe in love and peace
Call me an idealist cos of songs like this one
You can call me what you like I'm all and none of these

Fix a label on me to keep illusions happy
Fix a label on me does it make you feel secure?
Fix a label on me to keep me at a distance
And I'll label you as ignorant not wanting to know more

Before we understand ourselves do we have to fight each other?
Before we share opinions must we keep them undercover?
We classify and categorize and keep ourselves divided
We are all individuals not the images provided


Labels are a subtle way of keeping us in line
Divided by conformity we waste away our time
We are all individuals divided by these rituals
Think again like I have done--throw away the labels!

Track Name: When The Bomb Drops
When the bomb drops it'll be a bank holiday
Everybody happy in their tents and caravans
Everybody happy in their ignorance and apathy
Nobody realises until their television breaks down

The voices of the people are going unheard
They got nothing to say cos they're deaf and dumb
Too concerned with money luxury adultery
Complacency and politics and apathy will never mix

When the bomb drops they'll be a 4 minute warning
Three minutes of anarchy and one of blind futility
No-one left alive and no chances to survive
You've heard it all before-but I'm telling you once more

To forget is to forgive but there's nothing to forget
I ain't forgotten how to live and it hasn't happened [yet]
They'll drop the bomb for something to do
Can't remember what it's for
But I ain't forgot Hiroshima
I ain't forgot the war
Track Name: Rats
A sense of enterprise is here
The attitudes that conquer fear
Stability togetherness
The feeling cannot be suppressed
Hand in hand we had our say
United we stand but so did they
Hands in handcuffs dragged away
To cheers of hate and victory!

We fought the city but no-one cared
They passed it off as just a game
The city won't stop till attitudes change
Rats in the cellars of the stock exchange

Co-ordination was not so good
But everyone did just what they could
Unarmed with inexperience
We had to use our common sense
"If you act like rats you get treated like this"
Said a policeman like we didn't exist
When the force of law has lost its head
The law of force is what you get


We fought their calculations
Money gained from third world nations
All that money spent on war
Could be used to feed their poor

The papers played the whole thing down
Said there was nothing to worry about
The rats have all gone underground
But we'll be back again next time round