Worlds Apart

by Subhumans

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mr sterile An extremely mature and finely developed album. It was the Subhumans album for me that presented a very specific progression away from the punk-by-numbers, was this where punk was growing into something with ongoing meaning and vitality???....nah, we simply got Green Day et al instead.

This is an album of solid compositions, articulate and personal/political lyrics delivered beyond the soapbox delivered with splendid production value. Lovely stuff! Favorite track: Carry On Laughing.
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released November 1, 1985

Dick voice/words
Bruce guitar
Phil bass
Trotsky drums
recorded at Woodlands, Castleford, 10-16 April 85
engineer Neil Fergusson
partly remixed at Southern by John Loder Aug 85




Subhumans Bath, UK


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Track Name: British Disease
Hatred in the hearts of the young population
Riots in the streets of the "civilised" nation
Was it the poverty? Was it the police?
No - it's the British disease

The inbred snobbery
The patriot law
Violence and robbery
The state declares war

The youth of today with a broken voice
Have got something to say - they ain't got a choice
Racist police - backed by the state
Wipe out the ghetto and build up the hate

All the wrong answers
All the wrong ideas
The riot lasts a day
But the problem lasts for years

The great British public they can't understand
Why should there be riots in this civilised land?
Why is the country being pulled to its knees?
Ignorance is the British disease
Ignorance is your disease
Ignorance and apathy
Ignorance and bigotry
You found it all so easy to ignore the people who complained
and let their anger rise in flames
You thought this country was so great
That nobody could ever hate the way the system treated them
And then you wondered why they burnt your buildings down
Track Name: Heads of State
Down in the basement in the house with the police outside
There's something secret hidden away
In various crates in a paralyzed state
Are the heads for the mood of the day
There's one full of piety and one for anxiety
And one for when we're heading for war
And one for the masses and the privileged classes
And one that does nothing at all

The replaceable heads are for the government leaders
Who always seem to change their politics
Like the head for the nation doesn't deal with immigration
Cos patriots and riots don't mix
When the head for the day says "I'll do it this way"
Remember the replaceable head
Cos when they get elected their decisions are rejected
Completely contradicting what they said

So don't trust the politicians
They don't make their own decisions
Cos they haven't got their heads screwed on
For everything that's said it's just another head
And a politician's words can be replaced
But then maybe I am wrong I mean this is just a song
Is it just that politicians are two-faced?
Track Name: Apathy
Drink, sex, cigarettes
Ford Cortina, household pets
Bombs? War? Famine? Death?
An apathetic public couldn't care less

The public watches ITV
Reads The Sun drinks cups of tea
Two-star family stay content
Their lives controlled by parliament
Well Daddy's lost his job again
Because he never had no brain
He only lives to watch TV
His life controlled by apathy


The Russians seem so far away
The government seems to be OK
The papers never mention war
Cos the people that they cater for have got-


The things that you never knew were there
Or was it that you didn't care
The biggest problem face to face
An apathetic human race

Track Name: Fade Away
We live we die
And in between we sit and wonder why
Why must we someday die?
Tried and tested
We live our lives like our dear parents did
Tied down and restricted

Of gods and guns do we need to die
For Christ's sake or for anyone?
They call it religion
And so we pray
For god to save us from our evil ways
They call it self-decay

We live we die
In fear of gods and guns and never knowing why
Why must we someday die?

So live your life
In fear of no-one
We must have our say
Before we fade away
Track Name: Businessmen
Here comes the original businessman
He smiles at you as he shakes your hand
"Listen to me" - he's got a lot to say
But you don't understand
No, you don't understand
So you say "OK"

They'll do it once, they'll do it again
The world is run by businessmen

He takes your money, you take his word
He tells you things you've never heard
He says "Sign here on the dotted line"
But you don't understand, no you don't understand
But you think it's alright

He disappears for a month or two
He ripped you off and you dunno what to do
You'd take him to court but you don't know his name
Cos businessmen, yes businessmen are all the same

They'll do it once, they'll do it again
The world is run by businessmen
Track Name: Someone is Lying
Flowers that decay on the graves that are fresh
The problem got buried alongside the flesh
The contamination of body and soul
By nuclear waste dumped along time ago

When father was thirty he worked for the state
Producing the weapon to keep a stalemate
Deterrence by inference no one could win
Balancing power but the knife edge was thin

Father was paid so he didn't complain
But felt that it was rather a dangerous game
Producing a toy to destroy was it wrong?
But problems came up so he had to stay on

The production of waste was the problem to solve
It wouldn't evaporate, rot or dissolve
They used metal coffins to bury at sea
The nuclear radioactivity

They said it was safe for a very long time
And paid off the papers to say that was fine
And nobody worried about that anymore
They were too busy worrying about the next war...

The wastage seeped out and diseases were found
in the lungs of the men who worked underground
"It's coal dust, it's cancer; it's normal" they said
'Til somebody shouted "these people are dying, someone is lying"
And father is dead
Track Name: Pigman
Guilty conscience stews away in the kitchen
Knock at the door it s the next door neighbour
Farming is a living killing is a crime
Where do the meat men draw the line?

Revenge for the timeless market slaughter
The pigman's coming lock up your daughter

General conversation turns to food
Is it good for me if it s good for you?
Is it good for the animals? Turn up the heat
The pigman s coming for his Sunday treat


Guilty conditioning eats in the silence
A knock at the door it s the pigman's hatred
Burning holes in your head with his grim reality
It s the family butcher - lock up your family!

Track Name: Can't Hear the Words
Complicated words are stated
Theories become outdated
The innovation of your crime
Is out of tune and out of time

No! No! I don t like it!
What we gonna do about it?
Let s sit down and talk about it

Action speaks louder than silence
But action is more than just violence
The thoughts are too strong to keep down
But you can t hear the words cos the music's too loud

No! No! I don t like it!
What we gonna do about it?
Let s sit down and talk about it

Political voices
Distortionate noises
The products of our teenage dreams
Is this what entertainment means?
The piercing sound of teenage screams

Talking can't change anything
Someone said "the boy can't sing"
This entertainment is absurd
You re so busy fighting you can't hear the words

All your violence is in vain
You action men are all the same
Action is more than mindless violence
Look at yourself in paranoid silence
Track Name: Get to Work on Time
Get up in the morning
Alarm clocks clean socks
Brush your teeth look neat
Join the others on the street
Bus ride tube train
Going off to work again
Up to the third floor
Name on the office door
Paper lying on the floor
Pick it up and do some more

Lunch break break down
Valium and alcohol
Nicotine adrenaline
Don t it make your head spin?
Back to the grindstone
Head on the guillotine
Pulling all the stops out
Socks up head down
Doing it good
You re doing it well
Cos you wanna please the boss
But you wish he d go to hell

But the wages in the brown bag
Underneath the name tag
Are keeping you in line
So you do the overtime

And you get the train late again
Surrounded by the same lame
People playing your game
No one even knows your name
Back straight home late
All the food is out of date
Wife has left a note
Saying Don t forget your coat

Quick snap head back
Living on the wrong track
Should've tried refusing
But you could've got the sack

It s getting so confusing
Cos you know you re only losing
But the choice of ever choosing
Never seemed to cross your mind
So you go to bed at ten
Thinking never again
But you get up in the morning
And you get to work on time
Track Name: Carry On Laughing
We react
How we feel
So we're told
But who knows for certain these feelings are real?
Like we read
And we see
All around
Media telling us what to believe

We carry on laughing

In the street
You can see
All the facts
Poverty, violence, hatred, and greed
But it's not
Part of you
Not as long
As you keep believing the 6 o'clock news

All the dead
All the war
On the film
Making it fiction to make you want more
While we live
In the wake
Of the end
The final decision that one man could make

We carry on blindly
We carry on fighting

So much hate
All around
Can't you see
How much blood there is soaking into the ground?
But we say
We react
How we feel
Feeling too scared to face up to the facts

We carry on laughing
Track Name: Straightline Thinking
We are all controlled by reinforcement of rules
Passed by those who are merely the tools of a system
Where achievement is based on deceit of the masses
By someone in whom they believe

We are all controlled by the straight-line thinking of straight-line thinkers
Who gave up drinking and smoking to avoid being lower
Than their aspirations would allow them to go

We are all controlled by fear of the unknown
Because we're not told all that there is to know
About things we consider as normal existence
So we accept exploitation and show no resistance

We are all controlled in our thoughts and our actions
By things we were told by past generations
Of parents who used to rebel just the same
As we do now so who gets the blame?

We are the rebels like the rebels before us
Predestined to scream in an out of tune chorus
Of voices repeating the words of the past
That diffuse in the process of aging too fast

Deep in the soul if there is one it tells you
To do as you feel not as someone outside you
Dictates through their own misguided conception
Of what part you must play in this game of deception
Track Name: Ex-Teenage Rebel
When I asked you to lend me a fiver
You said you were already broke
And when I explained you were living in chains
You assumed it was some sort of joke
You wanted a job and then got one
And learned jokes about sex, Jews, and blacks
Got married to help pay the mortgage
Got wound up when you had to pay tax

What happened to you with your ideas?
What happened to all your hopes and fears?
Ex-Teenage rebel- same old story

When I asked you what you thought of the arms race
Asking you who#s gonna win?
You remembered a man on the telly and said
I agree with him
You say everything's alright really
You say that I m just paranoid
You tell me it s always been the same
And there s some things I cannot avoid

What happened to you with your ideas?
What happened to all your hopes and fears?
Ex-Teenage rebel- same old story

So what happened to your old opinions?
The thoughts that you held for so long?
That inspired a thousand rebellions
Against what was and still is so wrong
You tell me you used to be crazy
And paranoid like I am now
You soon realized there was no reason why
So you gave up and soon settled down

What happened to you with your ideas?
What happened to all your hopes and fears?
Ex-Teenage rebel- same old story

And I tell you that you are the problem
Which is why you can't see it no more
The strength of us all could demolish the wall
But you chose to walk through the door

Living a life of compromise
What you re supporting is what you despised
Was all that you said just a useful disguise?
Or was it all just little white lies?
Little white lies
To help you survive
Is there no guilt in your mind?
Is there no guilt in your eyes?
Track Name: Powergames
A passing stranger dressed in black
With slogans painted on his back
Turned and stared and laughed and carried on
Another came and did the same
At first they made me feel ashamed
But then I realised what I had done

Without asking I had broke the rules
Without knowing, I had made them fools
By merely looking different
To those who knew the game
The unity was there to see
A mass of non-conformity
There s something wrong, or is it me?
But they all look just the same

They hung around in silent pairs
And gave out their derisive stares
To anyone who envied or ignored
A leaflet saying Smash the state
Work in love and not hate
Got snatched and ripped and ground into the floor

Without asking it, I had caught them out
Without knowing what it was all about
They assumed it was a wind-up or a con
Making sure with a nervous glance
They re-affirmed each other's stance
And smiled and then forgot and carried on

The passing strangers stayed that way
And rotted away in their own decay
Convinced they d got it right, the rest were wrong
By deriding them to gain respect
They tied a noose around their neck
And fell when something different came along

Without asking, they were soon put down
Without knowing why, they looked around
And found a new dictatorship in power
Acting just as they had done
But on the other end it's not much fun
And all their sweet delusions soon turned sour

One man s hand is another man's fist
And so the power games still exist
And one idea is right, the rest are wrong
While such ideas as this are here
We'll never live without the fear
Of feeling that we somehow don't belong